Ardita Karaj

President, Industrial Logic Canada

Agile Product Management

2 Days Workshop - 28 - 29 Jul 2019


Software development requires that you understand both the big picture and the details. Lean startups find ways to start small and connect with customers; they use measurement and ongoing innovation to test and refine hypotheses rather than wasting time and money on risky bets.

In this practical, hands-on workshop you will get the chance to learn how to create or improve your skills to generate and validate your ideas using Lean thinking and reduce waste.

  • Skills you need to have to create a Business model to understand clients and communicate with stakeholders
  • Techniques targeted at startup and new-product situations.
  • Use the business model canvas to build and revise your picture of the business as a whole.
  • Leverage the Minimum Viable Product to create maximum learning for minimum cost.
  • Measure meaningful progress and systematically decide when to Pivot to a new direction.
  • Continuous refinement of the product with just enough and just in time details
  • Learn key technical practices that will support this approach, including continuous deployment and an immune system.

The course will be a mixture of lectures, simulations, and exercises, all designed to help you understand and apply the key ideas. Bring your ideas, questions and energy for 2 days packed with learning.


Day 1

Understanding how to build and run a business

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Design Thinking to understand client
  • Channels, Cost and Got-To-Market strategies
  • Understanding the usage of BM in Exploring and Exploiting portfolios
  • Understand, plan and execute on delivering a product
  • Exploration of possibilities from idea to launch

Day 2

Backlog of hypothesis and experiments to run

  • MVP, Roadmaps, growth strategies and how they feed into each-other
  • Prioritization of Hypothesis, Themes and Features based on Business value (SUE, CD3, Kano, etc prioritization techniques)
  • Continue/Pivot decisions
  • Measure and sustain
  • Measure meaningful progress with the right metrics
  • Key technical practices needed to support this way of serving clients


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