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Nominate your Team for the Team Award Competition 2019.

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Team Award

What is it?

Technical Agility Institute brings you the right platform to showcase your team success and stand the chance to get rewarded and recognized globally.

Technical Agility Excellence Team Award:

TAETA is an initiative started during the first edition of World’s first Technical Agility Conference. Several teams from various organizations participated for this prestigious team award competition and went through several rounds of phases. This team award competition is for all such team who are somehow and somewhere a part of DevOps / Agile transformation journey.

In a nutshell, we help you in showcasing your team success story globally in front of well renowned industry experts professionals and coaches.

Are you able to bring agility in the product you work for as a team?
How did you achieve it?

How did you adopt and balance among practices and tools based upon Agile values and principles, Engineering practices, DevOps practices?

Are you feeling proud about your team’s agility?
Does your customer tell you that you are align with their business?
Do you hear wow when you do your product demo?

If the answer to above mentioned question is “YES” then nominate your team today for the team award competition and let the world appreciate your team success.

Technical Agility Excellence Team Award

Past Team Award Winners - 2018

Team Award

TCS Agile Ninza's

1st Winner
Team Award

Brillio Agilists

2nd Winner
Team Award

Brahmos - GE Healthcare

3rd Winner

How it's works

  • Nominate Your Team
  • 25th Jun 2019
  • Submit Your Details

  • 30th Jun 2019
  • Round 1 - Screening

    The screening process will be done under the panel of judges based upon the information provided.

  • Top 6 team will be choosen for next round and informed.

  • 13th Jul 2019
  • Round 2 - Face to face evaluation

    Selected teams will be called for the face to face discussion with the panel of judges. (Physical presence or Skype Video call)

  • Top 3 team will be choosen for final round.

  • 27th Jul 2019
  • Round 3 - Live interaction with the conference participants and board of judges:

    The top 3 team will be asked to join the conference. Audience and the board of judges will ask live questions, and based upon voting by the audience and marks given by judges – winners will be selected.

  • Winner

    1st runner up and the 2nd runner up will be announced and awarded in front of the audience and judges.