In today’s environment, everyone is seeking for the luxury of stability but very few of the organizations succeed to achieve it. Today’s market is completely volatile and unpredictable where you never know what’s gonna happen next and the common question across all the mind is “How do I do this?” 

The most common reason why organizations are struggling to sustain their existence in market is because they are lacking the Business Agility. They struggle to achieve Business Agility as for the limitations in their product development & delivery such as legacy product, old technologies, unable to scale and many such other reasons. In a nutshell, there is no Technical Agility in the organization!

Bringing Agility into the products, leads to Technical Agility and can be achieved through a combination of some well-known & widely adopted practices such as Agile/ Lean values and principles, Agile engineering practices and DevOps practices along with many tools & technologies that support these practices.

But prior to that, what actually it means to be a customer driven organization? How to make your business ready to thrive in this competitive & volatile market? How to come out of the real world challenges and issues facing in today’s unpredictable environment?

Join us in our 2 days Technical Agility Conference – a platform to meet, share & discuss with the experts around the globe under one roof where you’ll learn the meaning of Technical Agility, what it means to your organization, and what does it take to lead your organization towards true Technical Agility, which is fundamental to achieving true Business Agility.


Culture & Collaboration - Enterprise Agility

  • Agile Lean Values and Principles
  • Leadership transformation stories / strategies
  • Organization level metrics to enhance the right behaviour
  • Scale Agile, SAFe, LeSS, DAD, Nexus, Sportify model etc.
  • Scrum, Kanban, Lean
  • How Community of Practice can help to sustain the agile transformation
  • Cultural changes at Organizational level
  • Agile Contracting
  • Failure stories, learning from failure

Product Stability & Reliability - Built-in Quality

  • Agile Engineering Practices
  • XP, TDD, BDD, CI
  • Clean Code & Refactoring
  • Product Quality
  • Trunk Based Development & Feature Toggle
  • Shift Left Testing
  • Disaster Recovery stratergies
  • AWS/Azure high availability
  • Serverless - Azure Functions/AWS Lambda
  • AI and ML

Fast Delivery - Time to Market

  • DevOps Practices
  • DevSecOps
  • Various Automation Tools at Various levels
  • Containers, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Automate Provisioning, Puppet, Chef, Ansible etc.
  • Automate Deployment
  • Automate Monitoring & Feedback
  • Continuous Delivery / Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Testing


Some of the well renowned Expert and Professionals across the globe.

  • Bibhuti Kar VP Engineering at

  • Jan De Vries Trainer | Speaker at

  • Tathagat Varma Country Head and General Manager,
    ChinaSoft International

  • Susan Gibson Co-Founder & CEO at

  • Satyan Pathak Sr Vice President At
    Societe Generale

  • Aseem Bansal Principal Engineering Manager at

  • Leena S N Head of Delivery at

  • Tushar Sharma Researcher at
    Athens University of Economics
    and Business

  • Namah Pandey Sr Architect, User Experience Design at
    Fiserv India Private Limited

  • M S Banu Prakash Agile Coach at
    Societe Generale GSC

  • Arif Murad Kazi Enterprise Agile Coach -
    Agile and DevOps at

  • Rakesh Singh Prinipal Scrum Master at

  • Nilesh Naik Princ. Scrum Master at
    Veritas Software

  • Manish Anandani Sr Manager at
    Veritas Software

  • Amritha M George Head of Quality at
    India Development centre, ABB

  • Vandana Sinha VP at

  • Anuj Pruthi Director Engineering at
    Target Corporation India

  • Naveen Kumar M Coach at
    Target Corporation India

  • Meghana Parwate Agile Transformation Office at
    Allstate Solutions Pvt Ltd.

  • Karthik Kumarasami Senior Program Manager at
    Mercedes-Benz R&D India

  • Deepti Jain Founder at

  • Ashutosh Bhatawadekar Enterprise Agile Coach at
    NICE Systems

  • Narasimha Badrinath Agile and DevOps Coach at
    Shell via DevOn (Prowareness)

  • Chandan Lal Patary Agile Coach at
    Societe Generale

  • Pradeep Kumar Agile technical coach at
    SolutionsIQ - Accenture

  • Rakesh Kondreddy Senior Software Test Engineer at

  • ShriKant Vashishtha Founder at

  • Yasub Hashmi Technical Agile Coach at
    DevOn (Prowareness) India

  • Aravind Ananthasuri Senior Consultant at
    Chakra BizTech Solutions Pvt Ltd

  • Giragadurai Vallirajan Principal Architect at
    Relevance Lab

  • Anitha Duraisamy Senior Technical Lead at
    Societe Generale

  • Murughan Palaniachari DevOps Coach at
    Euromonitor International

  • Vignesh Shetty GM, Imaging Solutions at
    GE Healthcare

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Our Team

Vinay Krishna

Founder | Director - Technology AT Pingala Software India Pvt Ltd

Eapen Mani

Senior Agile Project Manager at Ellucian

Ebin John Poovathany

Agile and Fastworks Coach at GE Healthcare

Murughan Palaniachari

DevOps Coach

Amit Ranjan

Alumni of IIM Bangalore, Enterprise Agile Coach, Management Consultant

Ranbir Dhial

Agile Coach/Devops/Delivery at Fiserv

Sharad Julka

Leadership | Enterprise | SAFe Coach | Lean-Kanban | Agile | Scrum | SAFe | Jira Trainer

Susan Gibson

Co-Founder & CEO at Temenos+Agility



The 2 days of Technical Agility in the vicinity of mesmerizing location of the Silicon City of India. A place to fall in love with..